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Painto Silk 10


Innovative high-quality interior / exterior acrylic paint with elegant silk touche and the highest levels of frequent washing with high resistance to weather factors in ultra-accurate natural colors and high stability for beautiful walls every day.


Acrylic-based, many high-quality chemicals and a range of carefully selected additions that work for easy operation, flexibility, strength of cohesion and friction and scratch resistance.

Surfaces on which to operate:

All prefabricated concrete and concrete surfaces

Surface preparation for paint

The surface should be dry, clean and free of any materials stuck to it, whether dust, oils or grease, and for pre-painted surfaces, the surface must be cleaned thoroughly to remove the old paint.

Important observations:

• Does not apply to hinge surfaces.
• If applied in large areas, it is best to work in the whole area once, stopping at natural breaks or using a adhesive to make a break.
• For highly absorbing surfaces, water-diluted panto seller paint is preferred as a prefix before panto silk layer


1. Natural and easy to operate just add water
2. Raw materials selected in accordance with the highest standard specifications are environmentally friendly and lead-free materials in accordance with international standards.
3. Gives a gorgeous decorative shape and luxurious silk touches
4. Mixing ratios are accurate and homogeneous as a result of the production control systems that we follow.
5. Free of (APEO) formaldehyde and alkyl phenol ethoxylates as well as characterized by (voc) organic non-volatile compound low
6. High washing ability and is not affected by moisture and leaching because it is based on acrylic.

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