Cement Products

An area of 3000 square meters

Paintra has a large production line

Drying time

International standard specifications for dry time


Paintra owns technology for the production of paints

Cement Products

Variety of cement paints

Painto Mix (A)

This product is waterproof and weatherproof and factory specifically to give constant color and shape of decorative concrete

Painto Mix Gold

(Pre-mixed cement contains a mixture of high-quality acrylic resins)

Painto Decor

Decorative cement used for exteriors resistant to atmospheric agents in natural colors with high stability used in a manual way or by spraying

Painto Hard Flower

painto Floor is based on reinforced concrete works on the concrete cover for factories, gas stations, airports, ports and garages so that gives solid ground and completely equal with high strength to withstand and Bare friction resulting from various industrial equipment and cars .

Painto Floor

painto Floor is a colorful material with reinforced concrete foundation works to modern concrete cover for corridors walks in parks, resorts and private villas where Stamped Concrete gives a wonderful variety of forms.

Painto Reales

Separating colors from the printer when making printing concert .

Painto Fix

(Low-thickness cement for ceramic installation and decorative tiles)

Painto Fix Super

(Low-thickness cement for ceramic installation and decorative tiles)

Painto Fill

Filled with multicolored ceramic breaks

Painto Seal cement/400

Isolated cement mono with crystals for concretes and buildings

Painto Paint

(Cement Painted for gypsum and concrete surfaces)

Painto Fair Face Finish

Final waterproof finishing layer

Painto Futec

Cement mixture of and other additions to improve properties during operation ingredients High quality adhesives with concrete basis and special additions to improve texture, adhesion and operable on all surfaces


Paintra Group is one of the largest factories in the Arab Republic of Egypt in the production of paints and their derivatives.

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