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Painto Sealer SF


PAINTOSEALER SF is a two-component highly penetrated, polyamine cured solvent free epoxy primer with excellent adhesion properties between concrete and water base emulsion paint used for flooring application and for wide range of other applications.
PAINTOSEALER SF is excellent adhesive and bonding primer used to avoid the problem of detaching between concrete and other topcoat system
Work as porosity sealing compound, adhesion improver and bonding agent on concrete, mortar and steel.
PAINTOSEALER SF has very good penetrating, sealing and reinforcing properties for concrete.
PAINTOSEALER SF is two-component epoxy primer (A) & (B) when mixed together produces a fluid transparent liquid.


Application Methods \Airless, brush and roller
Dry to handle \ 24 hours
Fully cured \ 7 days max
Color \ Transparent


PAINTOSEALER SF can be used as a primer for indoors sports surface and play yards indoor services
PAINTOSEALER SF can be used as a primer for playing courts, walkways and tennis courts
Used for Jogging tracks and multi-purpose athletic courts.
Used to seal porosity & as concrete reinforcing agent for concrete, natural stone, cementations renderings, mortar and asbestos cement.
Used as bonding primer on most sound and eroded building substrates where both a penetrative and or surface laying effect is needed,
Used for both exterior and interior surfaces, above or below grade
PAINTOSEALER SF also can be used as a bonding agent for the following overlays:
Epoxy mortar screeds.
Epoxy self-leveling floor toppings


Add the hardener into the resin container and then thoroughly mix using a low electric drill or manually until obtaining a uniform color using a low speed mixer or manually.
After mixing, allow material to stand for 2 Min to allow entrained air to escape.
No extra thinner should be added
When mixing the temperature of the base and hardener should be at least above 5ºC


PAINTOSEALER SF is normally applied with brush or roller.
Air spray application is recommended for large areas and can be applied for any numbers of coats.
Spread a layer of PAINTOSEALER SF on the substrate surface and level it out by brush or roller.
Leave the first coat to start dry (2-3 hours).
If the substrate surface still require another layer.
Apply the second coat of PAINTOSEALER SF as soon as possible before tacking free to ensure proper adhesion between layers
If the substrate surface is good primed enough with one layer, apply the first coat of flooring system as soon as possible, to ensure proper adhesion between layers.
High film thickness applied of PAINTOSEALER SF is not recommended.
High film thickness applied of PAINTOSEALER SF will slow down the curing and will cause in bad adhesion and may be cracking.

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