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Painto Seal Cement /400


Painto seal cement material concrete pretreated with the basis of a concrete chemical additives foundation high quality aystyren Butadiene to improve the properties of the product and prevent cracks and ease the operation and resistance to weather conditions and harsh identical to Egyptian and international specifications . used as insulted painting water on concrete surfaces .


Ease of operation at the site and operability on dry and wet surfaces.
2- High-strength concrete to insulate roofs against direct and indirect water pressure.
3- Given the high flexibility insulated roofs and deals with cracks in the concrete and high resistance to salts.
4- When painted on concrete surfaces penetrate into the pores of concrete and close it and produces a surface impermeable to water.
5- You can paint the Rolla or brushing or spraying machine.
6- Harmless drinking water doesn’t react with chlorine and so it is safe to isolate the drinking water stations .


Isolate the concrete surfaces of the domes and gables and foundations and basements and tunnels, pipes and concrete manholes and dams , swimming pools, water tanks, resistant to salts, acids, weather stations and sewage plants and drinking water.

How to use

Surface must be free of oil, grease, dust, materials processing and oils wrenches or any foreign substances may affect cohesion.
- Mechanical mixing is preferred to obtain a higher percentage of homogeneity and surfaces must be sprayed that you want to isolate with water before painting
- Liquid must be added to the powder and not the other way around .and add 3-4liter of water as you need to get a suitable shape .
- Panito seal cement panits from two sides and increased according to your need .
- Enough time to dry the surface to allow you to paint a second layer is about 6 hours approx.
- In case of using the painto seal 400 of cement to isolate the 400 water reservoirs and water facilities and similar, it could flood the water for 24 hours after completing the drought as silan powder crystals are crystals in the pores of the concrete and increases the rate under the water pressure

Technical Properties

Ingredients of substances

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A small river named Duden flows by their place and supplies it with the necessary
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A small river named Duden flows by their place and supplies it with the necessary regelialia. It is a paradise

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