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Painto Putty (PUV)


PAINTOPUTTY PU is a two components solvent free acrylic – isocyanate system especially formulated to achieve a high performance material to work in special conditions where other kinds of putties failed.


1- Natural and easy to operate just add water.
2- The raw materials have been selected according to the highest standards.
3- It gives decorative cool shape.
4- Mixture accurate and homogunis as a result of control on production systems that we follow.
5- A high productivity rates.
6- Resistant surface salinity are higher than other similar products.
7- Resistant harsh weather conditions.


Specific Gravity \ 1.7
Solids content \ 100%
Pot Life at 23oC \ 60 minutes
Initial & Final setting at 23oC \ 7days
Adhesion to concrete \ 2.5 N/mm2
Compressive strength \ 60 N/mm2
Bacteriological resistance:
PAINTOPUTTY PU meets the requirements of the resistance to mold growth test in BS.5980:1980.
In addition, tests have shown that when PAINTOPUTTY PU is used the pervious joint obtained does not permit entry of bacteria or dirt.
Thus normal cleaning can result in maintenance of sterile condition.


Used to fill the gaps between steel plates where welding would not do.
For preparing tank edges and cover welding lines before re-bottoming for tank’s inner floors.




Concrete substrate: should be dry, clean and free from loose particles.
Steel substrate: Sand blast, grit blast, or any other efficient method & ensure that all traces of rust are removed.
Steel should then be primed by PAINTOGUARD ZPh. PRIMER
Please refer to PAINTOTECH technical office for further details on surface preparation and application procedure.


PAINTOPUTTY PU is a temperature resistance material.
It is a bacteriological resistance material.
It is a chemical resistance material.
Easy to apply.
Available in different colors upon request
Heat resistant up to 80ºc for prolonged periods
Excellent chemical resistant for acids, alkalis and other aggressive chemicals when fully cured according to PROTECH chemical resistant table


PAINTOPUTTY PU is supplied in two separate containers, marked resin, and hardener. The larger resin container is big enough to accommodate all the mixing necessary. Depending on ambient temperature.
Add all the contents of the hardener container to the contents of the larger resin container. The two components must then be mixed thoroughly until a uniform color is achieved, mechanical mixing for at least 3 mints. using a slow speed (300 – 500 rpm ) electric stirrer is preferred
The putty is then ready for immediate use.
Mixing ratio (4 : 1) by weight


PAINTOPUTTY PU is particularly suitable for use at temperatures between 10oC and 27oC.
*Below 10oC the curing time will be lengthened, and the grout should be left to set for a longer period before being subjected to service conditions.
PAINTOPUTTY PU should be applied with a palette knife or plastic spatula. It may also be applied in the conventional way but this method may result in some wastage and more cleaning off may be necessary.
Work in small areas, e.g. about 0.5 m² at a time. Application time: About one hour


All work involving the application and use of this product should be performed in compliance with all relevant national Health, Safety & Environmental standards and regulations
Prior to use, obtain, consult and read well the Material Safety Data Sheet for this product and follow all precautionary notices.
Take precautions to avoid inhalation of spray mist, skin, mucous membrane and eye contact by the use of safety equipment (gloves, goggles, face masks, barrier creams etc.) and other personal protection.
If skin comes in contact, it should be thoroughly flushed and washed with fresh water and proprietary cleanser and soap.
Eyes should be cautiously washed with fresh water or proprietary wash and medical attention obtained.
Don't use solvents for skin cleaning
Equipment and tools to be cleaned immediately after use with clean water.
Don't dispose of water or soil but according to local regulations.
PAINTOBOND 65 is nontoxic according to health and safety codes.
Keep labelled until decontaminated

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