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Painto Fair Face Finish


It is a soft white layer high quality with a cement base that is used by the pro, roll, putty knife or spray gun and acts as paste to settle and treat the whites and all the normal concrete surfaces and smooth and plates Gypsum, bridges, refrigerators, water tanks, full of cracks under all kinds of paints and acts as a final paint layer high quality on all kinds of whiteness and all concrete surfaces and smooth plaster boards and bridges and refrigerators water tanks


High quality adhesives with concrete basis and special additions to improve texture, adhesion and operable on all surfaces


• Cleans the surface well from dust, impurities, grease and UFO that affect the product's adhesion ability
• Sprinkle the surface with water well
• 8 to 9 liters of clean water + .50 to 1 liter of Panto Bond material is placed in a bowl and one 25 kg shake is added and gradually flipped with a mechanical blender
• Leave for 10 minutes then stir again
• Executed by a roll, a putty knife or a spray gun
The white dish should be treated by spraying it with water every 12 hours for a day
• If the substance starts to dry, the water is not added only re-flipped until the material returns to its flexible state


• Economical, fast and easy to use needs to add water only or penanto bond material
• The mixing ratios are accurate and homogeneous as a result of the production control systems that we follow
• High productivity rates
• Resistant to surface salts in a higher form than other similar products
• Resistant to extreme weather conditions from sunlight, high temperature, rain and ultraviolet radiation
• High adhesion force with all normal and smooth surfaces
• Suitable for use in dry and humid areas

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A small river named Duden flows by their place and supplies it with the necessary regelialia. It is a paradise

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