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Painto Tex Shield 999


Painto Tex Shield 999 is an atmospheric and water-resistant product that gives a shape decorated in a variety of highly stable colors.
Painto Pint Shield is used on internal and external surfaces.
Painto Pint is applied to pastry, brick, roof and ready-made concrete surfaces.


Painto Pint Shield is made up of a special mixture mixed in a high-quality mechanical manner with a pure acrylic emulsion foundation that contains bonding materials, fillers, special additives and polymers that make it easy to operate and improve water retention and resistance to ultraviolet radiation and direct sunlight.

Technical Properties

Ingredients of substances


1. Natural and easy to operate does not need any additions.
2. Raw materials selected in accordance with the highest standard specifications are environmentally friendly and lead-free materials in accordance with international standards.
3. Gives a wonderful decorative shape.
4. Mixing ratios are accurate and homogeneous as a result of the production control systems that we follow.
5. High production rates.
6. High washing ability and not affected by moisture and leaching because it is based on bioralcrylic.
7. Resistant to extreme weather conditions from sunlight, rain, ultraviolet radiation, high resistance to friction and scratching and covers surface defects

Important observations

• Not applied to hinged surfaces or to broken and weak walls
• Use cold water for easy operation and give longer operating power
• Water is added in uniform proportions to ensure that there is no difference in color and in case of drought it is flipped only without adding water to return to the desired mouth.
• If applied in large areas, it is best to work in the whole area once, stopping at natural breaks or using a adhesive to make a break.
• In desert areas with high exposure to water spray, surface treatment is recommended by adding painto seal to make it easier to clean the surface
• A difference in color may occur as a result of the application so followers of the operating instructions are taken into account


• Add the product with water in one bowl and stir well
• The application is done by a wide brush, roll or spray gun.
• In the case of application on ready-made surfaces, a face of painto seal primer is painted before the paint.

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A small river named Duden flows by their place and supplies it with the necessary regelialia. It is a paradise

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