Super paste

Super paste

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Super paste

Internal paste ready for use


Super paste is an internal walls paste is ready for use with the basis of Acrylic and added to the link of substance and fillers and anti-mildew and bacteria.

Drying times

Theoretically when the thickness of the proposed putty layer

The following face paint Time interval between The final time of drought Primary time of drought Surface temperature
Maximum Minimum Hours Hours
- 8 8 3 23
- 7 7 2 35
- 6 6 1 45


The following face paint

Time interval between 

The proposed Paint System

Painto seal – PRIMER one face
Super paste - Interior paste 2 faces
Painto Super 777-999 2 faces


Is used to soften the surface and prepared to obtain a high-quality model surfaces is valid for all the cement and concrete surfaces.

How to use

  1. Surface must be dry and clean and empty of any substance attach with either dust or oils or greases.
  2. The painted surfaces must be pre-cleaned surface well to remove the old paint.
  3. The work of the first face by ordinary putty knife in the case of soft surfaces enough one face in the case of coarse surfaces increases to two-sided
  4. Smooth the surface between the faces after the drought to get a soft face empty of any defects


White and is available in different colors according to the client's request.


15 /20 kg.

Spread rate

1-1.5 kg per 2 layers.


3 months from the date of production in closed bag

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