Dry paste

Dry paste

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Dry paste

Cement paste


Cement paste is used to soften the internal and external paints (white and colored).

Technical Specifications

Dry paste a concrete prefabricated substance basis on cement powder and acrylic resin super softness, carbonates to give high coverage and chemical additives to improve the properties of the surface and close the pores and give a smooth hard surface resistant weather conditions and identical to the specification of the Egyptian measurement.

Color : White, gray, is available with a wide range of colors according to the client's request
Mixing ratio The average six liters of water to 15 kg
Dry weight 1.75 kg / liter
Surface drying minutes 20 min


  • Easy to use only add to the water.
  • Ease of transportation from the factory to the site to use directly.
  • Dry paste can be used manually or by spraying machine interfaces.
  • It gives the surface a smooth solid applicable to paint the outside of facades.
  • Gives an insulator surface and good cohesion to the smooth concrete surfaces .
  • Dry paste has a soft acrylic granules and roll into the pores to close it tightly .

How to use

  1. The surface is cleaned of dust and impurities and otherwise.
  2. Sprinkle all surfaces with water.
  3. Package content is added to the water, mixing well to obtain a homogeneous mixture.
  4. You must protect the surface from direct sun light and a high heat during implementation
  5. To get a smooth surface should be implementation on the layers.


In case of using Dry paste on concrete surfaces, ready concrete and smooth surfaces and also used to make layers and get to the desired thickness until 1 cm add Painto paind of our production to increase strength and cohesion and further consultations are referenced to engineering management and technical company.


12 months from the date of production with storage away from direct sunlight and in a dry place.

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