Painto super 777

Painto super 777

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Painto super 777

High-quality interior paint is based on acrylic applicable for washing

Paint description

The Bantu Super 777 is a high-quality interior paint is based on acrylic and contain a high proportion of pigments and titanium oxides allowing for this martials high coverage of various surfaces .

Product Features

  • Excellent scalability Laundry.
  • Highly resistant to moisture and alkali .
  • Silky smooth surface.
  • High adhesion strength on all surfaces..
  • None -yellowing.

Surface preparation for paint

Surface must be dry and clean and empty from any substance attach with either dust or oils or greases and pre-painted surfaces must be cleaned well to remove the old paint .

Usage data

Tools used: Rolla - brush - spray gun.

Diluent / Cleaner : water.

Drying times

Superficial: 15 minutes.

Sold : 3 hours.

Coverage rate

According to the case and prepare the surface 4-6 m 2 / kg per single face.

The proposed Paint System

Painto seal - PRIMER one face
Ultra paste - indoor paste 2 faces
Painto Plus 555 Face lining
Painto Super 777 2 Face

Packaging, Storage and Handling

Storage: The product should be stored according to local laws and must be kept in a cool place with good ventilation away from heat and direct sunlight and must save the containers tightly closed.

Handling: carefully and stir well before use.

Packaging: 9litre .

Colors: White and in accordance with the color model .

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