Painto - peimer

Painto - peimer

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Painto - peimer

An initial layer of a colorless acrylic and antifungal basis


painto primer is an initial layer on ahigh quality Sintic alcid basis containing red iron oxide resistant to rust, corrosion is used to protect metal constructions.


  1. painto primer is an initial paint with a high quality adhesion forces and unimpaired weather factors.
  2. painto primer paint homogeneous textures and not taking place deposition of the active ingredient which ensures homogeneity and effectiveness of the paint layer.
  3. painto primer paint Fast and easy to use drought rapidly with a rate of high coverage .
  4. painto primer paint initially contains a high concentration of red iron oxide, which serves to protect metal structures from corrosion and rust for long lifespan.

Technical properties

Color : red oxide .
Density: 1.43 + 0.030gm /sm 3
Solid content : 70% + 2 almost
Coverage : 6 - 8m2 /kg per face .
Dry surface / Final : 2 hours / 24 hours .


Painto primer paint initially with a very high resistance to rust, moisture and oils that can be used in the protection of metallic structures such as tanks and decorative iron fences and doors and trusses and others.

How to use

  1. clean the iron surface that need to be paints from grease, oil and dust well with a suitable solvent.
  2. Smooth the iron surface with suitable smooth paper , for removing rust and then clean the surface carefully .
  3. painto primer reduced with mineral oil or thinner appropriate when needed, then stir well and then painted the face of a preparatory painto primer before the final paint.
  4. Paint is in well-ventilated places.


For two years from the date of production under appropriate storage conditions.


1kg - 5 kg - 20 kg .

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