Painto  gravinto

Painto gravinto

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Painto gravinto

Cladding acrylic colored (Fine/Coarse)

super high-quality


Cladding acrylic colored super high-quality coarse interfaces decorative and high resistant against weather condition ,with high fixed natural colors.


It is bases on acrylic and many high-quality chemicals and a group of carefully selected additions running on ease of operation, flexibility and strength of cohesion and resistant to friction and scratching.


  • Easy to operate normally and does not need any extras.
  • The raw materials have been selected according to the highest standards and is environmentally friendly and lead-free materials according to international standards.
  • It gives decorative outstanding shape.
  • Mixing rate is accurate and homogeneous as a result of control on production systems that we follow them ratios.
  • A high productive rates.
  • It characterized by high viability for washing and not affected by moisture, water because of acrylic basis.
  • Resistant to the harsh weather conditions of sunshine and rain and Ultra Violet light and high resistance to abrasion, scratching and covers defects surfaces.

Technical properties

  • The components of the material used: astyryne acrylic, natural high quality silica sand, high quality calcium carbonate, high quality colors from the best European companies and other chemical additives to improve the strength of adhesion and works on easing the operation.
  • Colors: a wide range of colors according to catalogue Special colors can be manufactured.


From 1 to 3 mm depending on the size of the user quartz.

Surface drying time

Surface drying time: 20 - 30 minutes depending on the temperature when applying.

Surface preparation

The surface is thoroughly clean and make sure it is empty from any foreign substance


  • manually or by sprayer.
  • Make the decorative shape by sponge float after spray the product on the wall.


20 – 30 kg / bag

Spread rate

from 3- 4 kg per meter give a thickness 1mm according to the thickness and the surface condition.

Important Notes

  • It does not apply to the separated surfaces.
  • Coverage rate varies according to the thickness of the pebble stone.
  • In the case of the application in large areas it is better to be working the whole time and one stop at the natural joints or use adhesive to make a break.
  • Super absorbent surfaces preferably painto sealer paint diluted with water before using layer painto graviato.


3 months from the date of production storage away from direct sunlight and in a dry place.

Health and Safety

This product does not cause erosion of the eyes or skin when using the product use of gloves and protective glasses are recommended in case of injury are washing using clean water and consult a doctor.

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