About paintra

Our company were not the result of yesterday and it did not appear suddenly but was the result of more than 25 years of experience and diligence in the supply and implementation of construction chemicals and when it was the right time we gathered a group of the best experiences to meet on one idea which is to deliver a perfect product finest local, German and American raw materials and so at competitive prices we do not put profit in mind, but it was our first goal is to deliver our products to our customers as we give our sincerely thanks for their confidence in us that brought us to the current position of using our products
Welcome and let us get to know paintra , and for those of you who never used our product before welcome to a world where you can find all three : experiences high-quality raw materials with price competitiveness.

Our vision

When we combined group efforts of the best experiences in the field of construction all agreed on access to product high-quality competitor and endeavored to get the best of local and global raw materials and selected very carefully and put before their eyes the goal of delivering these products to elite consumers will not be bored from the search for the best and present it to you ..

Our means

  • Following all the requirements of international quality
  • Selecting the best materials and expertise
  • Identify customer needs with the best possible way
  • Action plans designed to deliver the best product imagesetting
  • Work on cost savings to reach a high quality product and a Low Price